The NRI is creating a healthier tomorrow for people around the world. At the NRI, our scientists are studying why people differ in metabolism and nutrient requirements and are discovering nutrition-based solutions to prevent or treat heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. We’re learning more about nutrition’s role in brain development and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. Our researchers are working hard, every day, to create a healthier future for people around the world.

  1. The NRI is training the great scientists of tomorrow. Students working in the laboratories at the NRI gain critical, hands-on training that equips them with important skills and knowledge to pursue careers in the biotechnology industry and life science fields.
  2. The NRI is an economic engine for our region.  The NRI is powering the local economy by converting intellectual capital into an economic engine for attracting business opportunities and creating jobs in North Carolina.
  3. The NRI delivers a strong return on investment. Gifts to the NRI are good investments that will improve lives and save money in the long term.  Staggering health care costs linked to cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity underscore the urgent need for innovative research into the field of individualized nutrition.  Investing in scientific exploration will yield nutritional answers that alleviate disease and will result in better health for people everywhere.
  4. The NRI is becoming the next great center for scientific discovery. We offer the opportunity for donors to experience firsthand the growth of a world-renowned center for nutrition research. We intend to join the ranks of exceptional institutions known for scientific breakthroughs and make the Nutrition Research Institute (NRI) the best in the world.
  5. NRI faculty members are highly ranked. NRI faculty members represent the best minds in their fields. NRI scientists have been awarded over $26 million in grants and contracts from companies, foundations and the federal government since our inception in 2008.  Additionally, NRI faculty members have been recognized worldwide for their work, earning many prestigious awards and honors.
  6. The NRI is a valued resource for nutrition education.  From doctors and medical students around the world to our friends and neighbors right down the street, programs at the NRI are bringing up-to-date nutrition information to people who want to learn more about how diet impacts health.
  7.  Investing in the NRI is an excellent way to build a legacy.  Your gifts to the NRI represent a shared belief in our bold vision – to develop nutrition based solutions designed to solve some of our greatest health challenges and, most importantly, put these solutions into practice. You can make all the difference and become a driving force in forging a state-of-the-art science center whose impact will be felt for generations to come.
  8. The NRI is developing the field of individualized nutrition.  Cutting edge equipment available nowhere else in the world, coupled with breakthrough scientific methods in genetics and metabolomics, make possible a vision of individualized nutrition never before realized.
  9. The NRI is a valued resource for nutrition education. Programs at the NRI are bringing up-to-date nutrition information to people who want to learn more about how diet impacts health.
  10. Innovation at the NRI will change the world.  Whether you choose to support a student scientist or fund the work of a highly-ranked researcher, your investment in the NRI has the capacity to help people for many generations.  Every day is a new chance for us to make the next discovery that will change the world.

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