Why donate to one cause when you can combat five of the leading causes of American deaths?

By donating to the Nutrition Research Institute, your money targets the root of most American disease. There are more than 1.4 million preventable deaths in the United States annually, from heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease. And, we spend 86% of all healthcare dollars treating chronic conditions, many of which are preventable.

NRI scientists are discovering how genes, environment, and microbiome affect our individual requirements for and responses to nutrients so that, soon, medical practitioners will be able to guide people in their health from childhood through old age without adding to these tragic numbers. Our critical research depends on the generosity of people like you.

How Your Gift Helps

Your unrestricted gift to the NRI General Fund supports our research teams, keeps our facilities and equipment modern, and allows our director to respond nimbly to pressing needs, targeting areas for funding where it’s most needed. These gifts facilitate ground-breaking research by providing the flexibility to respond to opportunities as they arise.

You can also help ensure success in specific areas of Nutrition research such as Environment, Genes, Microbiome, Alcohol Use, Cancer, Memory and Brain Development, Metabolomics, and Obesity. To direct your gift, select a Fund from the dropdown box under Gift Information on this page.

Give the gift of good health. Your gift – in any amount – makes it possible to continue our work creating a healthier tomorrow through precision nutrition research today.  

High Impact Support

As a university-based research center, the NRI relies on significant gifts that have major impacts on our ability to recruit and retain the very best scientists in the fields of nutrigenetics, nutrigenomics and precision nutrition. Major gifts (from $50,000) may fund pilot studies, one-time fellowships or scholarships, student housing, or corporate sponsorships. Principal gifts (from $1M) endow professorships, fellowships, and scholarships for gifts that support annually.

Please contact or 704-250-5008.

How to Give Your Support

Your philanthropy can be expressed in many ways, each providing a set of advantages to consider. You may give through outright gifts of cash, appreciated securities, real property, IRA charitable rollover, life insurance policy, business interests or tangible personal property. You may choose to provide support for the NRI as well as yourself through a charitable gift annuity or remainder trust. Gifts that carry your legacy on can be made through bequests and beneficiary designations.

For help considering all of these ways that you can support the UNC Nutrition Research Institute, the Office of Gift Planning is standing by.

Gift Planning

Thoughtfully structured charitable gifts, often referred to as planned gifts, allow donors to make contributions larger than they thought possible and help secure the NRI’s financial future. Gift planning is the process of developing the optimal legacy plan to reflect a donor’s personal, financial and philanthropic goals, as well as her values and passions.

Ready to explore how you can leave a legacy that supports the NRI? Please contact or 704-250-5008. We will bring in a charitable advisor from the university’s Office of Gift Planning who will work confidentially with you and your personal advisors to develop comprehensive strategies for both current and future giving.