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NRI principal investigators hold faculty appointments in the departments of Nutrition and Psychology at UNC Chapel Hill. Their research includes studies on the role of nutrients in preventing disease, diet-related health behaviors and risk factors for disease, the effects of the environment and genes on disease outcomes, and the impact of gene-nutrient interactions. For more information about NRI faculty, visit our Faculty Directory.

Research Cores

The NRI houses research cores that offer a wide range of services to researchers. Cores offer shared resources, including cutting-edge technologies, high-end instrumentation, technical support, and education. Our cores are committed to enhancing and expanding the collaborative capabilities of research at our institute, on the North Carolina Research Campus, and throughout the research community.

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Research Uncovered: Baba Mass

This article was published originally by endeavors on August 19th, 2020. Baba Mass is a research technician in the Voruganti Lab within the UNC Nutrition Research Institute. He studies how genes and diet impact serum uric acid levels – a chemical created when the body...

Precision Nutrition—the Answer to “What to Eat to Stay Healthy”

This article was published originally online in the Journal of the American Medical Association on August 7, 2020. By Griffin P. Rodgers, MD and Francis S. Collins, MD, PhD, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD The long-recognized centrality and importance of...

Matching Meals to Metabolism

This article was originally published on on July 28, 2020. By Jyoti Madhusoodanan Q&A with nutrition researcher Steven Zeisel Genes, microbes and other factors govern how each person’s body processes nutrients. Understanding the connections...

A Nutrigenetic Study of Purine Metabolism and Cognitive Function

Nutrigenetic research at the NRI often focuses on brain development and health across the lifespan. Recently, faculty members Carol Cheatham, PhD, and Saroja Voruganti, PhD, received a supplemental grant from the National Institute of Aging (NIA), a division of the...

What I Learned About Nutrition Risks for COVID-19

This blog post was originally published on BMJ Journals - COVID-19 on July 3, 2020. Martin Kohlmeier, MD, PhD Review by Shane McAuliffe RD and Prof Sumantra (Shumone) Ray on behalf of the NNEdPro Nutrition & Covid-19 Taskforce I am just reading that the...

Training for Scientists

The NRI is a center for precision nutrition training through programs for graduate and medical students, post-doctoral trainees, faculty, practicing physicians and other medical providers, registered dietitians, and industry professionals.

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By donating to the Nutrition Research Institute, your money targets the root of most American disease. Our scientists focus on how our genes respond to food so that soon medical practitioners will be able to guide people in their health from childhood through old age. Our critical research depends on the generosity of people like you.