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Curiosity. Intellect. Altruism.

The future of personalized nutrition is in its emerging thinkers. At the NRI our postdoctoral fellows and doctoral students apply these qualities of curiosity, intellect and altruism to their quests to improve the health of humanity. Your gift to the Nutrition...

Neuroscientists Reveal the Snacks They Eat to Boost Memory

Carol Cheatham, PhD is an associate professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at the UNC Nutrition Research Institute. The Cheatham Lab studies the importance of nutrients for the development of memory and attention abilities. This article originally appeared on...

Communicate Your Research

by Bryan Munoz, PhD As a scientist at the UNC Nutrition Research Institute my goal is to better humanity through research aimed at nutrients and their role on our health. I spend time in the lab each day applying advanced scientific methods to proteins in the folate...

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