Clinical Research Core

The Clinical Research Core (CRC) provides human nutrition research investigators with multi-disciplinary services and equipment in one location. The core is complete with examination rooms and equipment, phlebotomy and processing areas, pharmacy, and furnished consultation rooms. For nutrition intervention studies, the CRC offers a metabolic kitchen specifically designed to support nutrition research.

State-of-the-Art Resources and Support

• Human metabolism and body composition assessments
• Clinical laboratory and support services
• Preparation and delivery of precisely designed meals for study participants

The CRC – a part of UNC NORC – is available for academic, public and private research. The core encourages collaborative as well as independent research and is committed to conducting innovative, basic, and translational science to support the understanding of precision nutrition. These advances in science promote the prevention and reduction of metabolic diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

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The Clinical Research Core offers these clinical services for academic, public and private research:

Study Design
IRB Submission
Scheduling Appointments
Participant Recruitment
Telephone Screening
Informed Consent
Anthropometric Measurements

Hgb A1c Testing
Glucose Testing
Medical Screening
Urine and Stool Collection
Processing of Samples
Pregnancy Test

Diet Recall
Food Records
Food Frequency Questionnaires

Recipe Development

Hours of Operation

The standard hours for the Clinical Research Core are from 8 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday. If a research study needs to use the CRC outside of those hours, please contact us at 704-250-5083 for more information.


Body Composition Laboratory

Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) (GE Lunar iDXA)
Whole-Body Densitometry BodPod®

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Clinical Suite

Transient Elastography-FibroScan® 502 Touch (Echosens™)
Facilities: General Exam Rooms (3), and Consultation Rooms (2)
Dental Suite

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Human Whole-Room Calorimeter

Our advanced research suite uses indirect calorimetry to evaluate a research participant’s 24-hour energy balance (intake and expenditure). The suite is equipped with a bed, treadmill, bathroom, airlock chamber for entry of food, ports for blood draws and entertainment options. Data can be collected without interruption during meals, sleep and light activity. Monitoring, consenting, scrubs, supplies, technicians and analysis upon completion are included. The Whole-Room Calorimeter is essential for studies on energy balance and fuel use.

See the Whole-Room Calorimeter in action by watch the video below.

Metabolic Research Kitchen

Investigators work with a Registered Dietitian to design, prepare and serve precisely composed meals with a safe, accurate and consistent approach. The kitchen is equipped with commercial appliances and professional software. A spacious dining area, adjacent to the kitchen, is available to accommodate up to 50 research participants for diet intervention studies.

See the Metabolic Research Kitchen in action by watching the video below.

Clinical Research Core (CRC) Staff


Saroja Voruganti, PhD

Saroja Voruganti, PhD

CRC Director, Associate Professor of Nutrition

Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer

Clinical Study Coordinator

Samantha Carroll, BSN, RN

Samantha Carroll, BSN, RN

CRC Manager
(704) 250-5083

Rebecca Witowski, RN

Rebecca Witowski, RN

Medical Laboratory Specialist

Sherry Irvin, LPN

Sherry Irvin, LPN

Medical Laboratory Technician

About the Clinical Research Core
*formerly the Human Research Core