We Develop Precision Nutrition

At the NRI, we study why metabolism and nutrient requirements differ from person to person. Our scientists develop and apply cutting-edge methods to understand nutrient metabolism and its relationship to human development and disease with the goal of replacing general dietary guidance with customized recommendations. As scientists, physicians, and healthcare practitioners better understand nutritional individuality, they will be able to enhance human health, improve brain development, and more effectively treat diseases like obesity and cancer.

Research Cores

The NRI houses research cores that offer a wide range of services to researchers. Cores offer shared resources, including cutting-edge technologies, high-end instrumentation, technical support, and education. Our cores are committed to enhancing and expanding the collaborative capabilities of research at our institute, on the North Carolina Research Campus, and throughout the research community.

Research Opportunities

Faculty Research Opportunities

The UNC Nutrition Research Institute offers opportunities for faculty and researchers to refine or expand a nutrition-related research program. The Institute is particularly interested in research related to nutrigenomics, metabolomics, epigenetics, clinical nutrition and/or energy expenditure.  The NRI encourages applications from researchers who are innovators, who can contribute to interdisciplinary discussions of how to advance individualized or precision nutrition, and who have an interest in collaborating with UNC NRI faculty.


The UNC Nutrition Research Institute building is located on the 350-acre NC Research Campus in Kannapolis. The NRI building is equipped with wet laboratories, clinical facilities (including our state-of-the-art NORC Human Research Core), meeting areas and office spaces.

Participate in Research

Clinical research projects at the NRI rely on volunteers to participate in various studies. Participants not only help our scientists develop the field of precision nutrition, they also gain valuable insight about why the research is important. Sign up for the participant pool to be notified of studies for which you may be eligible.

Support Our Research

By donating to the Nutrition Research Institute, your money targets the root of most American disease. Our scientists focus on how our genes respond to food so that soon medical practitioners will be able to guide people in their health from childhood through old age. Our critical research depends on the generosity of people like you.