Our healthcare system is in crisis. With the rising incidence of obesity, diet-related cancers and heart disease, the public health challenges that result are among the biggest problems our society faces. Is there a way to prevent and treat these diseases, creating a healthier world? We believe the answer is yes. And the method may be as simple as changing the way you eat.
At the NRI, we are discovering nutrition-based solutions designed to solve our greatest health challenges and, most importantly, to put these solutions into practice. To be successful, we need your help. Your gifts allow us to pursue creative and innovative ideas, provide stability and continuity to our research, and ensure that we have the brightest minds and technologies available to conduct our cutting-edge research. Make your gift to the NRI today and join us in our mission of making the world a healthier place.
Mission:  The UNC Nutrition Research Institute (NRI) has a bold mission:  to develop an individualized approach to nutrition that will transform our ability to prevent and treat these and other diseases.   At the NRI, world-class researchers are developing innovative approaches to understanding the role of diet and activity in brain development, cancer prevention, obesity, fetal alcohol syndrome, diabetes and more.