Please note that we are discontinuing our taxi reservation service immediately due to low use and poor service by the company we contracted with. We ask that you coordinate your own reservations moving forward, and provide a receipt for the taxi service when you turn in your train receipt for reimbursement. We will reimburse you for both under the one reimbursement request. Please remember that we can ONLY reimburse you with a receipt.
You may choose any service you like (taxi, Uber, or other available shuttle), but Brian and Folami travel regularly via Amtrak, and they have both begun using Wendy with Garcia Taxi (919-641-7316), and have been pleased with this service. Again, you will need to handle your own pick-up requests, and get a receipt to turn in for reimbursement.
To update you on the shuttle service, a purchase order has been issued for the 12-passenger van. We anticipate having shuttle service available next academic year, if not sooner.
Thank you for your cooperation as we try different options to best assist our affiliates with their travels to and from Chapel Hill.