Celebrating and Preparing in A Milestone Year

January 25, 2019 – As we at the NRI celebrate our tenth anniversary year, we are also taking measures to secure our longevity. Our world-class research facility on the North Carolina Research Campus opened in 2008 with the most advanced equipment, instrumentation, and laboratories available. Now, as we enter a second decade, administrators are evaluating our building, systems, and staffing to ensure that our scientists have the best infrastructure to allow them to continue their quest for new precision nutrition discoveries.
In the last six months all of the light fixtures in this 125,000-square-foot building have been upfitted with LEDs. The energy savings will pay for the entire project in just 18 months. An upgrade to the building automation system is in process, which will allow for more efficiency and reliability in operating the heating and air conditioning system, replacing 11-year-old equipment that is becoming obsolete, and we’ve upgraded several large, essential pieces of laboratory equipment.
The NRI faculty and staff is growing as well. Faculty members are our principal investigators, leading their laboratories through explorations in nutrigenetics, nutrigenomics and precision nutrition. Always eager to expand our research capabilities, we are currently considering several faculty candidates to join the NRI team. Likewise, we’re adding administrative staff to handle additional grant submissions and award management. And, importantly, we are hiring additional lab staff to conduct the research that is at the heart of the NRI.
All of us at the NRI are grateful for your interest in our work and thank you for helping us reach our tenth anniversary with many important discoveries in personalized nutrition to our credit. We’re excited to embark on our next decade of expanding and deepening knowledge of how genetics and environment affect nutrient metabolism. Our anniversary upgrades and additions are designed to prepare us for the complex work of exploring and understanding how to  personalize nutrition for every body.

Post: January 25, 2019