UNC NRI Director Steven Zeisel, MD, PhD, recently gave the annual lecture for the University of Minnesota Henderson Biochemistry Nutritional Biochemistry Lectureship Series. The series is named for LaVell M. Henderson, who made important scientific and administrative contributions to nutritional science and biochemistry over a long and productive career. In particular, he contributed substantially to understanding of the metabolism of two vitamins, niacin and vitamin B-6, the amino acids tryptophan, lysine and hydroxylysine, and the elucidation of carnitine biosynthesis in mammalian cells.

The annual lecture attracts distinguished speakers from across the nation. Dr. Zeisel’s recent presentation focused on precision nutrition, or why metabolism and nutrition requirements differ between individuals. The NRI is a leader in the precision nutrition space, and our scientists seek to understand nutrient metabolism and its relationship to human development and disease with the goal of increasingly replacing general dietary guidance with more customized nutrition recommendations. In his talk, Dr. Zeisel talks about what precision nutrition looks like today in 2020, but also what he believes it could look like in 2025. It’s an interesting sneak peek into the future that you don’t want to miss!

Dr. Zeisel’s presentation is available online: 2020 Henderson Nutritional Biochemistry Lecture