Our brains are built and supported by our mothers’ diets and then, by our diets. An individual’s response to incoming nutrition is programmed and very individualized.

Maternal nutrition is important for fetal development even before conception: We now know that sufficient nutrition is necessary from the very beginning, even pre-conception, for proper development of the subsequent infant. After birth, the brain continues to grow rapidly. The neural tissue built from maternal diet is expanded by individual diet, but both stages are driven by maternal and individual genetics. At the Nutrition Research Institute (NRI), we strive to understand how the process of brain development and function can be optimized for an individual based on his or her genetic and nutritional backgrounds.

To further explore and expand research focused on this area, the NRI will bring together scientists, physicians, students, and funding agency representatives, including from the NIH, for a two-day symposium titled “Precision Nutrition and Brain Health” to be held online on April 15 and 16, 2021.

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