The Natalia Krupenko Lab was lit up this holiday season as lab members celebrated recent publications and presentations. The Krupenko Lab’s research is focused on the role of folate (Vitamin B9) in promoting health and preventing disease in humans.

Congratulations to Keri Barron, PhD, a postdoctoral researcher, and Madeline Hall, a graduate student, who were invited to deliver talks at the 55th Southeastern Regional Lipid Conference (SERLC) Research Conference in Asheville, NC in November.

Additional congratulations are in order for Kerri Barron, PhD, for two recent publications. One was published in Frontiers in Nutrition and focused on how dietary folic acid alters metabolism of vitamins in mice. The other was published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry and explored sex-specific metabolic response to dietary folic acid in mice.

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Posted January 4, 2022