If you or someone you know uses infant formula, please read and share this.

During the current formula shortage, families may try to extend their current formula supply by adding more water. When formula is diluted, infants receive fewer calories than they need, as well as fewer vitamins and minerals which are critical to their growth and development. (1)

In addition, there is a risk of water intoxication to the baby. Too much water causes an infant’s sodium levels to drop lower than normal. This can lead to seizures, coma, brain damage, and even death. Although rare, small “epidemics” of water intoxication have been reported in the past.(2) This is why it’s so important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when preparing infant formula.

At the Nutrition Research Institute, we want to lessen the chances of this happening again. You can help by sharing these helpful resources with your family and friends:

1. Pediatric Nutrition, edited by Ronald E. Kleinman, American Academy of Pediatrics, 2019. ProQuest Ebook Central, https://ebookcentral-proquest-com.libproxy.lib.unc.edu/lib/unc/detail.action?docID=5969511.

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