Starving Cells May Lead to New Cancer Treatments

November 20, 2018 –Nutrient availability regulates cell metabolism, growth, and survival. When nutrients are in short supply, cells can pause their growth or even eliminate themselves through a process known as programmed cell death, thereby protecting the health of the organism as a whole. If nutrient deprivation happens at certain critical periods, such as during the rapid growth of the embryonic brain, severe developmental consequences can arise (this is why proper maternal nutrition is so important). In contrast, harnessing the innate ability of cells to enter programmed cell death is an important strategy in cancer treatment. Read more.

Nutrition Is a Hard Science

November 20, 2018 – There have been a lot of questions about the reliability of nutritional science. We should respond with an assertive statement: Nutrition is a hard science. By just about any comparison, much of what is known about nutrition and the methods that have built that knowledge is as robust as classical physics, biochemistry and other basic sciences generally recognized as rigorous. Read more.