September 28, 2018 – This October, the NRI proudly marks its tenth anniversary of delving into the science of Precision Nutrition. What began in 2008 with two faculty members and a supporting staff of nine is, today, a bustling center of scientific inquiry and discovery with a staff of 84, which includes 16 principal investigators. These scientists, all with faculty appointments in Nutrition or Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, are here to find out why and how each of us responds differently to the nutrients we eat. Their discoveries form the basis of knowledge for our healthcare providers to provide customized nutritional recommendations for our optimal health.

Much progress has been made but we have lots of work still to do. Thank you for joining us in our explorations. We’re grateful for your interest and support.

2008 – Grand opening with 2 faculty and 9 staff
2009 – 2,300 elementary school students participate in interactive science projects at NRI
2010 – Free, online “Nutrition in Medicine” training modules launched, giving physicians access to up-to-date nutrition information
2011 – Time quotes Dr. Oz calling NRI “a leader in the growing field of individualized nutrition.” “The Oz Diet.” TIME 12 Sept. 2011: 48-58
2012 – FINDING: Maternal obesity during pregnancy related to permanent developmental delays in children.
2013 – Nutrigenetics by Martin Kohlmeier, MD, PhD, the first comprehensive textbook on the topic, published.
2014 – FINDING: Responsiveness of gut microbes related to heart health are influenced by a person’s genetics.
2015 – 90 participants from around the world attend first NGx Workshop to learn the latest in nutrigenetics, nutrigenomics and precision nutrition.
2016 – FINDING: Omega-3 fatty acids reduce the risk of developing cancer and may prevent the spread of some types.
2017 – FINDING: Cognitive performance in children depends on ratios as well as quantities of essential fatty acids.
2018 – Looking forward with 16 faculty, 68 science and admin staff!

Watch for more news and insights about our first ten years and the view ahead throughout this year.
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Post: September 28, 2018