Chinese herb may be a natural method of treating diabetes

June 28, 2019 –The traditional Chinese herb Lycii Cortex (LyC), with its powerful compound kukoamine B, could be an effective nutraceutical choice for lowering blood glucose when used alone or in combination with low doses of first-line diabetes medications. YuanYuan Li, a postdoctoral researcher in the UNC Nutrition Research Institute, is lead author of the paper, “A Metabolomics Approach to Investigate Kukoamine B—A Potent Natural Product With Anti-diabetic Properties” published online January 22 in Frontiers in PharmacologyRead more.

What should I eat on my night shift?

June 11, 2019 –On a busy night shift, eating healthily is not always a top priority. But, as three experts tell Abi Rimmer, eating well at night can maintain your energy and have long term benefits.

Martin Kohlmeier, MD, PhD, director of the Human Research Core at the University of North Carolina’s Nutrition Research Institute, says, “The effect of a disrupted sleep cycle on energy metabolism is real but of modest size. In the end, it’s about the practicalities of food access, convenience, and the time demands of the shift. Planning ahead is your friend. Read more.

Appetite For Life Summer Tours: See Where Nutrition Discoveries Happen!

May 31, 2019 –See where and learn how scientific discovery takes place by touring two facilities on the NC Research Campus in Kannapolis. If you visit the Nutrition Research Institute (NRI) this summer you’ll get a bonus tour! We have partnered with our neighbors at NC State University so that your summer tour will include visits to research facilities at both the NRI and the adjacent NC State Plants for Human Health Institute (PHHI).
Learn more and register for the July 18 or July 25 Tour.