Study Purpose: The purpose of this research study is to determine if eating eggs during breastfeeding will improve nutrient content of milk and infant cognition.

Recruiting: Healthy lactating women at 12-15 weeks postpartum

What participants will do: You and your child will come to the lab for three sessions across 3 months.  Moms will be asked to eat eggs (provided), keep a food diary, give blood, milk, and saliva samples, and fill out questionnaires about your child’s development.  Babies will play age-appropriate games, participate in a memory activity, and give a small blood sample (heel stick) and saliva.

Compensation: You will receive a $35 Visa gift card at each visit as a token of our appreciation.

See if you qualify today! Call 704-250-5018, email, or click HERE to enter your contact information.

Post: May 23, 2019