If food is medicine, why isn’t it taught at medical schools?

November 14, 2019 – In a new report published by the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic, researchers write that, on average, students in medical schools across the country spend less than 1 percent of lecture time learning about diet, falling short of the National Research Council’s recommendation for baseline nutrition curriculum. Neither the federal government, which provides a significant chunk of funding to medical schools, nor accreditation groups—which validate them—enforce any minimum level of diet instruction. Learn more.


Choline: The forgotten vital nutrient we’re not getting enough of

November 14, 2019 WHETHER we follow it or not, most of us know the standard advice for eating healthily. Not too much red meat, fill up on whole grains for fibre, eat oily fish for the omega-3 oils, and have plenty of fruit and veg for the vitamins and minerals.

But there is another essential nutrient that most of us have never heard of – and that standard advice may be stopping us getting enough of it. The substance is called choline and Emma Derbyshire at Nutrition Insight, a consultancy in Surrey, UK, recently argued in the journal BMJ NutritionPrevention & Health that a lack of it might be an emerging public health crisis. Read more.


The Heels of the Bus

November 14, 2019 – On October 16, 90 UNC-Chapel Hill faculty members and senior administrators boarded 3 buses to embark on a journey throughout the state of North Carolina to connect with and learn from the communities the University serves. The Nutrition Research Institute was honored to serve as stop 1 for the West Tour bus. Our 30 guests spent the morning touring our labs, hearing the unique stories of our teammates, and learning all about the incredible impact that the NRI is having on Kannapolis, North Carolina and beyond. Watch a short video about the NRI here.