The Nutrition Research Institute has two reasons to be extra thankful this holiday season: we are celebrating two new PhDs! Congratulations to Kaylee Helfrich, PhD, and Evan Paules, PhD, our most recent NRI doctoral graduates.

Kaylee Helfrich, PhD, (Smith Lab) completed her dissertation on the “Interaction of alcohol and iron status in pregnancy.” Throughout her time as a graduate research assistant at the NRI, Kaylee researched the effects of alcohol on pregnancy, fetal, infant, and child outcomes, and developed an intervention to improve health status.

Moving forward, Kaylee plans to work as a research scientist in the health science biotechnology sector.

Evan Paules, PhD, (Zeisel Lab) completed his dissertation on “Choline Availability and Regulation of SOX4 in the Developing Cortex.” Throughout his time as a graduate research assistant at the NRI, Evan’s work focused on the impact of choline on the developing brain, specifically the cerebral cortex (involved in information processing and behavior).

Evan is currently applying for postdoctoral positions while continuing to wrap up current experiments.

Congratulations, Dr. Helfrich and Dr. Paules!

The NRI is home to outstanding graduate students preparing for careers in precision nutrition research. Consider supporting students like Kaylee and Evan through our Student Nutrition Scientist fund. This fund allows us to provide tuition assistance and associated fees for these excellent students as they develop into the next generation of explorers in precision nutrition.

Posted November 16, 2021