The Living Free Lab is hosting a webinar series: Moving Toward Health Equity
When: Friday, April 19 at Noon

Identifying and Addressing Intersectional Weight Stigma in the Care of Patients with Eating Disorders
Featuring: Erin Harrop, LCSIW, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Denver

Dr. Harrop’s research is centered on marginalized populations grappling with eating disorders, particularly focusing on atypical anorexia, and incorporating perspectives from lived experiences. Their clinical work is centered on training healthcare providers in weight-inclusive care and introducing interprofessional clinicians to practices that respect patients’ unique intersecting identities. During this presentation, Dr. Harrop will delve into essential steps for advancing future practice and research strategies aimed at fostering weight-inclusive practices for individuals in larger bodies with eating disorders.

Moderator: Rachel Goode, PhD, MPH, LCSW

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