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Managing diabetes can often be a complex and demanding process, involving intricate carb counting and strict diet monitoring. What if there was an easier way to manage diabetes that didn’t involve these demanding steps? The Diabetes Plate Method, a straightforward approach that doesn’t require you to jump through these hoops.

Developed by the American Diabetes Association, the Diabetes Plate Method is a simple way to create a healthy, well-balanced meal of vegetables, protein, and carbohydrates. All you need is a plate! The Plate Method recommends filling half your plate with non-starchy vegetables, one-quarter with lean protein, and one-quarter with a carbohydrate. It also recommends having a zero or low-calorie drink with your meal.

This Diabetes Plate Method is a great way to stay nourished without counting calories and carbohydrates. Whether you have diabetes or not, this method can help you have a balanced and nourishing diet through simple, healthy meals! The Diabetes Plate Method is not just a tool for managing diabetes, it’s a pathway to a balanced and nourishing diet for everyone. Whether you have diabetes or not, this method can guide you towards simple, healthy meals that promote overall well-being, without the need to count calories and carbohydrates.

Research associates Katherine Matthes, and Julian Robles, and research assistants Claudia Calderon, Trilla Teague, and Wehazit Mussie, of the Living F.R.E.E. Lab, collaborated to create a short video demonstrating how to have a well-balanced meal on a budget using the American Diabetes Association’s Diabetes Plate Method.

Directed by Rachel Goode, PhD, MPH, LCSW, the Living F.R.E.E. Lab is a research group focused on developing and evaluating non-diet interventions to treat and prevent obesity and associated conditions.  To learn more about the Living F.R.E.E. Lab and catch more videos like this, follow us on Instagram @livingfreelab, Twitter @livingFREElab, and Facebook: The Living Free Lab, or sign up on our listserv at