Core Values

Our Core Values are the shared values to which we commit ourselves for how we conduct our work at the NRI and the way we approach our mission and vision.

Our Mission is leading research in precision nutrition by understanding how genetics and environment affect an individual’s requirements for and responses to nutrients.

Our Vision is to use scientific discovery to ensure optimal health through individualized nutrition.


We work together to achieve collective and individual goals because we believe that multiple perspectives promote better outcomes.


We are innovative and compassionate in our approach to complex issues in precision nutrition.


We are determined to excel in every aspect of our research enterprise.


We conduct ourselves with integrity in all our scientific, business and community endeavors.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We seek to respect the unique qualities of each individual and to foster an environment where open inquiry and expression by all members of this institute are embraced.

Research Excellence

We are responsible for conducting publicly and privately funded innovative research with excellence.