Metabolomics and Exposome Laboratory

The Human Research Core provides human nutrition research investigators with multi-disciplinary services and equipment in one location. In service since 2009, it continues to expand to meet the needs of its investigators.

MEL Available for…

The Metabolomics and Exposome Laboratory……


MEL Offers…..

  • Human metabolism and body composition assessments
  • Clinical laboratory and support services
  • Preparation and delivery of precisely designed meals for study participant

The HRC is complete with examination rooms and equipment, phlebotomy and processing laboratory, pharmacy, and furnished consultation rooms. For nutrition intervention studies, the HRC offers a metabolic kitchen specifically designed to support nutrition research. 


The Human Research Core offers these clinical services for academic, public and private research:

Study Design
IRB Submission
Subject Recruitment
Telephone Screening
Informed Consent
Anthropometric Measurements

Clinical Services
Hgb A1c Testing
Medical Screening
Pregnancy Test
Processing of Samples
Urine and Stool Collection

Nutrition Assessment
Diet Recall
Food Records

Diet Design
Recipe Development


Body Composition Laboratory
Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) (GE Lunar iDXA)
Whole-Body Densitometry BodPod® and PeaPod®

Clinical Laboratory
Transient Elastography-FibroScan® 502 Touch (Echosens™)
Facilities: General Exam Rooms (4), and Consultation Rooms (2)

Metabolic Rate Assessment Laboratory
Dynamometer (BIODEX)
Metabolic Cart (Parvo Medics)

Human Whole-Room Calorimeter

Metabolic Research Kitchen

Specimen Collection & Processing

Hours of Operation

The hours for the Human Research Core vary according to the requirements of the research studies in progress at any particular time. Please contact the HRC at (704) 250-5035 for more information.

MEL Staff


Susan Sumner, PhD

Susan Sumner, PhD

Professor of Nutrition

Delisha Stewart, PhD

Delisha Stewart, PhD

Assistant Professor of Nutrition

Wimal Pathmasiri, PhD

Wimal Pathmasiri, PhD

Assistant Professor of Nutrition