Our research not only influences the scientific community, but the general public as well. We strive to share our discoveries with everyone. Read some of our latest articles on what is happening at the Nutrition Research Institute.

Fish Oil Supplement Study

Study Purpose: to test for the effects of a fatty acid supplement in human heath. Recruiting: Healthy* males and females ages 30-80 for up to 12 weeks. *No smoking, substance abuse, pregnancy or breast feeding, history of diabetes, cholesterol medications, or...

Hops Study

Study Purpose: To evaluate the effects of hops, a naturally occurring product, in the regulation of blood sugars. Recruiting: 18-70 year old males and females who do not smoke and are generally in good health What participants will do: Participants will volunteer for...

Infant Nutrition and Cognition Study

Study Purpose: The purpose of this research study is to determine if eating eggs during breastfeeding will improve nutrient content of milk and infant cognition. Recruiting: Healthy lactating women at 12-15 weeks postpartum What participants will do: You and your...

Children’s Health Study

The purpose of this study is to identify genes and lifestyle factors that affect children’s health status and overall well-being.