Symposium Agenda

The 2021 Virtual Precision Nutrition and Brain Health Symposium features a keynote speaker in each of four areas as they relate to nutrition: brain development, the aging brain, nutrigenetics, and the gut-brain axis as well as speakers who are leaders in their fields of the effects of nutrition on brain development, genetics, and the gut-brain axis. The symposium features a networking opportunities to bring together leaders and trainees for organic discussions and a panel of funding agency experts to answer questions from the attendees.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

8:55 AM     Morning Welcome & Housekeeping – Carol Cheatham
9:00 AM     Keynote: Background on Nutrition & Brain Development
                             – Michael Georgieff
9:40 AM     Moderation of the Effects of Environmental Toxicants on Brain Development 
                          by Prenatal Nutrition and Genes – Edwin Van Wijngaarden
10:10 AM   Alcohol as an Environmental Stressor that Alters Maternal-Fetal Nutrient Needs:
                         Choline & Iron in Developing Brain – Susan Smith
10:40 AM   NRI Trainee Award Winner
10:55 AM   Bio Break
11:05 AM   Keynote: Womb with a View: Why the placenta is more conduit and  
                         communicator than barrier – Kjersti M Aagaard
11:45 AM   Prenatal Stress and the Developing Brain: From maternal microbes to
                         offspring microglia
Tamar Gur
12:15 PM   Andrew Bremer Chief Pediatric Growth & Nutrition Branch, NICHD
12:45 PM   Breakout Rooms with Speakers

Friday, April 16, 2021

  8:55 AM   Morning Welcome & Housekeeping – Carol Cheatham
  9:00 AM   Keynote: MTHFR and Prenatal Brain Development – Rima Rozen
  9:40 AM   Gestational Dietary Deficiencies, Adult Behavior and
                        Gene Expression in Mice – Lisa Tarantino
10:10 AM   Setting the Stage: How dietary factors in early life shape cognitive 
                        development  – Teresa Reyes
11:25 AM   Keynote: Aging, Microglial Cell Priming, and Discordant  
                        Communication between the Immune System and Brain:
                        Is dietary fiber a counterbalance? 
– Rodney W. Johnson
12:05 PM   Sex and Age-specific Effects of Prenatal Alcohol on Behavior  
                        and Aging-related Disease in Mice
– Sandra Mooney
12:35 PM   Wild blueberry intervention and mild cognitive decline:
                        How precise were we? 
– Carol Cheatham
  1:05 PM   Breakout Rooms with Speakers
  1:25 PM   Wrap up